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Montreal, QC
·Bell Sympatico

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[Internet] Thunderbird password

My Sympat TBird settings are set correctly. I am aware that 310-SMURF does not support T-Bird.
Every few days of late my password gets refused - I get a prompt to enter a new one.
I enter same, it's accepted and this happens again days or weeks later.
Is this a mail server-side hiccup or a setting that I should be looking at ? The pwrd I'm using is same as what Bell has on hand.
Suggestions | comments appreciated.

I've closed my issue ticket regarding the Bell email server kicking out my password on a random basis.
With T-Bird this does not happen often but when it does, it's a PITA. When I ran OE under Win XP, OE was much more prone to kicking out a bad password when it was sent erroneously from the mail server, or server side issue.

My next review of Bell Sympatico will have scathing comments why Bell Canada does not support main stream third party email clients like Mozilla Thurderbird.
Who in their right mind uses Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook ? no offense to those who do...