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This is a sub-selection from Um what the hell is the big deal?

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ

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reply to Bob61571

Re: Um what the hell is the big deal?

Still don't see the big difference between the My Book AV, the My Book AV for Verizon, and the My Book AV for Dish, except that the original My Book AV is $139 and comes with both an eSATA and USB cable. The one for Verizon only comes with an eSATA cable and is $129. The one for Dish only comes with a USB cable and is $129. What they should have done was just lower the price for the original and be done with it. I dunno maybe I'm missing something. This feels like the same thing where TiVo claims that you have to use a TiVo certified DVR expander to work with their gear when really it's not law. Moxi has said that you can even use this »www.lacie.com/us/index.htm up to 4TB without a problem via eSATA.
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