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Adding a 2nd router

I am having UVerse installed tomorrow and I would like to know if it's possible to add my own wireless-N router onto my Uverse "network"? I would ideally like to have both wireless networks available, mine at N speeds and the RG at G speeds.

Is this possible?

If it is, does anyone have "simple" instructions on how to do this, or a link to instructions. I am pretty handy with this stuff, but a networking newbie.

Thanks for any help.


Use a stand alone access point or turn off routing functionality on the router and use the access point. Everyone calls them wireless routers, which is completely incorrect. They are routers with an access point built in.

With an access point you can plug it in with very little setup. You don't even need the access point's ip address to be on the same subnet.

New Haven, CT
reply to shrewsbury
shrewsbury, the easiest way to connect a second router is to connect the second router to the first via the networking ports and then disable the DHCP server in the second router. Note DO NOT connect the main router to the second router by the second router's WAN/Internet port unless your second router's firmware supports configuring the WAN port for LAN port use.

I have a second router configured for Wireless N mode only and the UVerse router configured for Wireless B/G mode.

Connecting the second router wirelessly to the main router generally requires the second router to support Wireless Bridging or Client Bridging. If your second router supports that feature consult the second router's manual for the setup procedures. Note you may take a speed hit wirelessly when using Wireless/Client Bridging.

Louisville, KY
reply to shrewsbury
Isn't this be made more complicated than it needs to be? Can't you just connect the second router to the RG was a network cable? As long as both of them have different addresses and use different channels it seems like both of them could use their own DHCP and everything would be fine! Normally the RG will use, you could tell you something like for the second access point so there would be any conflicts. Both of them could that have their own pool of users.


Sure, it can be done that way, but it isn't best practice and adds an additional layer of NAT for any device connected to the second access point.


Stuart, FL
said by Renthal1 :

Sure, it can be done that way, but it isn't best practice and adds an additional layer of NAT for any device connected to the second access point.

Agreed. You want a single DHCP device on the network. You also make device to device communication within the LAN needlessly complicated.

Set your wireless router to bridge/access point mode and attach it to a LAN port of your existing router.


reply to shrewsbury
I've got the router up and running. I just took the ethernet cable going from the RG to my computer and switched that to go to the new/2nd router and then a cable from the new/2nd router to the computer.

I didn't see an option to switch the 2nd router to bridge mode, though I'll take another look at that tonight. Also, I guess I'll see if there's an option for switching off DHCP server on the 2nd router as well.

One other question, how would I go about determining if I would qualify for the 32/5 profile? and then what is the best way to request it if I do qualify for it? If I understand it correctly, if I have the 32/5 profile I would get 4 HD streams and better overall stream/bandwidth?

Thanks for all the help/advice. I'm new to Uverse and want to maximize my benefits.


reply to nokiatech
I got the 2nd router up and working, but I still need to check for bridge mode and DHCP server settings.

What is the best way to check to see if I qualify for the 32/5 profile and if I do qualify, the best route to request it?


Vallejo, CA
reply to shrewsbury
Well I just set mine up tonight and have a second n router that I added so my repeater would still work and was as simple as going into the setup and telling it that it did not have to log in.

I have to say I notice the speed increase


Rockwall, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to shrewsbury
I hooked my NetGear (n) Router directly into my 2Wire UVerse and have them both running in Wireless Mode with different SSID's. I use the NetGear one for LAN file transfers since the transfer speed is quicker and the 2Wire for general internet surfing. I found not turning off DHCP on the NetGear was more beneficial because otherwise, isn't the only way to access the router settings is a direct connect to the NetGear router? I don't think I could use both routers in wireless mode with DHCP being off either.

I am curious what this means though: "but it isn't best practice and adds an additional layer of NAT for any device connected to the second access point."

Is this bad?


Sunnyvale, CA
·T-Mobile US
·AT&T U-Verse
No not bad, I use to run the same setup. Guest use the 2Wire but all my devices are on the 2nd router.

It does add an additional NAT layer which usually does not matter, might affect VoIP or other services that have incoming traffic.

Every setup optimize certain things, find one that works for you (you just did) and keep it until you have a reason to change.