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Chesterfield, MO
reply to tcope

Re: Dear Apple.....

So when you say there's only so much money you can spend on lawyers...do you really believe the law cannot be purchased? Perhaps not outright but as they say, money talks and bullshit walks. Never underestimate what money can make happen and with total disregard for what's right and wrong. It's happened in all of documented history and we have not evolved a Higgs Boson empathy gene that leads me to believe otherwise. Power can corrupt even the most pure of heart and well intentioned individuals. Didn't you know...everyone in prison is innocent. They are all just victims of circumstances.

If they truly want it, Samsung will get a new trial and with enough "grease" (see above), they'll get it. (And it's not like Samsung is poor.) The outcome may be the same but for now, this isn't over.

Sandy, UT
What I'm saying is that there is only so much you can pay for that will be allowed in court. This is one reason the judge limited the time frame (because the judge knew both parties could afford to spend a ton of money on things such as expert witnesses... but at the end of the day it would simply turn into a lot of fluff). You can't "buy" a verdict but you can certain tilt the wheels of justice in your favor with money. But when both sides have enough money to buy everything they can get... it's even. After that, your billions in the bank mean nothing.

Samsung won't get a new trial just by asking. They might get one on appeal. But you'd be surprised how much money an appeal would cost and then another trial.

There is also no guarantees of an appeal. So Samsung will most likely start the process and use it as leverage (before it gets denied) to work out a deal with Apple. Samsung would be smart to pay more to Apple in order to keep their products on the market. Of course, they could draw this all out until those products are about worthless.

Samsung got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It's too bad. I don't like it.


Chesterfield, MO
But when both sides have enough money to buy everything they can get... it's even. After that, your billions in the bank mean nothing.
That depends entirely on whether or not one of them blinks first. If Samsung has connections where this stuff is made, they could buy a little worker discontent that jeopardizes Apple's supply chain. Likewise, totally unrelated efforts by Samsung to grow business in the US (appliances for example), could be derailed by the right Apple money finding its way into those that hold the approval strings.

This has nothing to do with the trial. Just good ole vengeance. Although Steve is dead, he's been widely quoted as willing to spend every penny to bury Android.