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Ruffs Dale, PA
reply to McBrain

Re: [MoP] How was it?

I heard some of the quests you can't do in a group??? I thought I had read they took those ones out , but my pals were complaining.

Oh well... I tried multi boxxing with my dk, but trying to get quest items on 2 characters in hyjal, were the CRZ was in full effect was not happening. I eventually jsut decided to solo on the monk and have the hunter there to shit on the Illidan clowns that decdied to camp monks. Made it to 83 before work, was hoping to have been half way through 84 Guess for all the trouble I went through 83 wasnt that bad.

Keep It Simple

I started around 3:00 AM just in time to get the group questing after the group finished the dungeons good thing is with the quest rewards I am able to queue for the new dungeons at least as DPS. It was a good run overall got half the way through 85 in around 2.5 hours.
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