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Re: [Speed Problem] DSL download speed fluctuates crazy

Ask the service tech what kind of DSLAM you are on. If it is one of the old MRA's that is possibly your problem. Ask if they can move you to another DSLAM (sometimes there are multiple types in the same switch box). I had similar problem which was immediately fixed when I was moved to Catina DSLAM.
Note that they may tell you that you are getting good downloads according to their equipment. Their equipment shows raw signal speed which is not the same as download speed. (Think of the difference been revving a car's engine and actually accelerating on the road). They told us we were getting 3.5 Mbps when in fact we were only seeing 0.3 to 0.8 Mbps, with a max of 1.3 Mbps. After the DSLAM change we are getting 2.9 Mbps.


Simpsonville, SC
the tech said its either the main box, or main cable underground. but they really still dont know. he has to talk to his manager. they have been working on it for a week. to download an app using my wifi at home that is 1mb takes 30 minutes or more, it downloads a part then stalls out