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Pierrefonds, QC
reply to alkizmo

Re: Macerating pump or cut through concrete slab?

Ok well what I will do is wait until I finished renovating my basement.

The top left section (L shaped above load bearing wall in black) is not part of the current renovation.

Once that's finished, and I cleared up the junk in the "unfinished" area (lots of tools and materials there) then I can better visualize what I can do with that space.

Maybe I can actually put the bathroom at the top left and hook up directly on the existing drain stack with a back-outlet toilet.
However that area might be too narrow. It's already only 5 feet wide concrete to concrete. With 3" of XPS + drywall, I'd be down to 4 feet, but it might be possible. My top floor bathroom is barely any wider (If you ignore the tub).

If it turns out to be too narrow in that section, then I will get a plumbing company to give me a submission on what it would cost to install extra drain stacks in the concrete slab. If the price isn't obscene (no more than 1500$ extra vs. macerating pump), then I'll go for that.

Premium,ExMod 2000-03
NW Illinois
reply to alkizmo

I had a shower installed into the basement floor that involved what you are asking about. They cut a trench about 10 inches wide across a distance of roughly 20 feet and installed the new piping. All together the job was less than a grand. Get some actual prices before you throw out the idea of cutting the floor. It really isn't a big deal at all.