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Re: [MoP] Pet Battles, what do you think?

So gave pet battles a real try, it can be addicting. It really reminded me early Final Fantasy turn based fighting.

Basically you get three active pets that have three attacks each. Some attacks provide debuff/buff for x amount of turns. You also can switch to one of your other active pets, however this uses a turn. All three active pets get XP for winning and that's how they level.

You also get a capture pet action that uses a turn and has a chance of failing. I usually switch to my healing pet and just keep trying to capture the pet.

When captured they are added to you pet journal. Each time, random as I can tell, you get 4 levels of pets. Poor/Common/Uncommon/Rare. You could attack a rat for instance and get a different level of rat each time. You can only capture three of each type of pet, after that you need to go into your pet journal and release ones you don't want. Obviously the poor rarity get released first. Each unique captured pets do add to your overall pet count.

The battle trainers are fun. They give your three rounds with three different pets and you have to beat them all to win.

I haven't really seen any pet of mine rare or common being stronger than any other. Every pet has a weakness and strength with certain buffs. My snake is just as strong as my Celestial Dragon.

Just my observation of last night. Only downside was looking at the clock at 130am then realizing it was 300am. Turn based things always seem to be a time suck.
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