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[General] Added new line, swapped numbers, now 2 new 2-year cont

I have a Family Share Data plan that I added a 3rd line to, an iPhone 5. I've decided I want to keep the iPhone 5 and I am fine with the $375 ETF plus 2-year contract, so I swapped numbers between the iPhone 5 and my Droid Bionic, which was over a year into the 2-year contract.

When I called to cancel the Bionic line (and pay the reduced ETF) the lady I spoke to seemed very confused and was adamant that I am now subject to a $375 ETF if I want to cancel the Bionic, because I moved the iPhone's number to it. When I asked if that meant the iPhone took over the Bionic's contract and thus, the reduced ETF, she stated that no, if I wanted to cancel the iPhone, that line was now subject to a $375 ETF as well. What?

I attempted to explain to her that this didn't make sense, as somewhere they must see that I'm 16 months into my contract for the Bionic, so I should be able to cancel that line and pay a reduced ETF, since I signed a new 2-year contract for the iPhone that carries a $375 ETF.

She said the only way I could pay the reduced ETF was to swap the phone numbers back to the way they were originally and then cancel the Bionic line, which means I'd also lose my phone number ... which I obviously don't want to do.

Does anyone have any insight as to whether this lady was clueless and I should call back in and speak to a different rep?


Bay, AR

Re: [General] Added new line, swapped numbers, now 2 new 2-year

I would probably recommend going into your local store if you have one close by and see what they can do. I know on my ATT phone, I've had problems just like this and a visit to my local ATT store usually fixed problem's like this. I had got a new phone on my plan under a new line and afterwards, didn't want the phone or the line, this was in the first 30 days remind you. I called up CS and explained I actually didn't need the extra line or the new phone. They wanted to charge me whatever the cancellation of contract fee was at the time, even though I was still in the 30 day window.. For whatever reason, the CS just didn't want to do anything for me. So I hung up and drove up to my local ATT store about 20 miles away and talked to them about it. The manager signed off on it and I turned the phone back in and everything else right then and there, didn't have to mail in diddly or anything.

Again, just make a visit to your local Verizon store. Usually a visit to the local reseller can fix problem's like this, regardless of carrier.