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homefusion installed, a couple questions...

just got it installed last night. WOW it is indeed fast, and browsing is very snappy, too.
living out in the country, this is a blessing to have.
the one issue i have though is that my PS3 will not connect to the psn, and i cannot play MW3.
i have it wired thru the ethernet port, and it passes all checks on the internet connection test. i can even browse the web on the PS3's web browser, and it tells me i am signed into the PSN network.
but when i try to browse the PSN store, or connect into a game, it says it isn't available.
anyone with any ideas? everything in the gui interface for the router is still set for auto, as is the PS3. my samsung tv is connected the same way, and works fine.

HMMM, i not sure i play CoD black ops (psn) and it works fine on homefusion and psn store. Maybe someone can help you.


Bay, AR
reply to rustyself
Does the HomeFusion router have a UPnP feature on it? My install isn't until tomorrow afternoon so I can't tell you. But if it does, try enabling that or disabling the Firewall and see what that get's you. Might have to add the port's for PSN Network in the port forwarding section if you don't want to disable the firewall, if it has this feature which it should.


it began working this afternoon, i believe PSN must have been doing maintenance that late last night or something.
so far, this thing is great:).


Douglas, GA
what type of speeds are you getting on PS3..??

PS3 speeds for me or 5-7 down wheres everything else is 20+