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Antenna advice for my Virgin Mobile MC760? Overkill?

Hello all,

I've been doing a bit of research lately to try and get stable speeds on my MC760.

My current signals of -116 and -125 have been becoming an every day occurrence. I can still access the net but sometimes it is becoming impossible to connect or impossible to hold a steady network connection that isn't constantly spiking or stalling.

Sometimes I rarely get stable connections for long periods of time such as -96 to -100 (which usually happens after or during rain fall, maybe coincidence)

My connection seems to always stay on EVDO Rev.A, sometimes goes to 1xrtt but usually switches back to EVDO after a few moments.

According to research I have a Bell South (ATT/Virgin Mobile) tower 1.78 miles due West of my position.

I currently have the MC760 taped against a thin glass window and it is facing North West towards the tower.

The MC760 currently has a forested area of large trees blocking the immediate angle & line of sight.

Site Surveying with the MC760 in my yard didn't give me a difference in signal gain compared to its normal position indoors.

Taking the MC760 on the near by roads sees steady growth in signal up to full bars.

I have shopped around for an antenna and I have been looking at the Wilson Outdoor Directional Panel Antenna.

Do you think this may be overkill for my situation? I am not sure if I should get a smaller/cheaper unit.

North, VA
I respectively point out that this is a Millenicom Forum which has nothing to do with Virgin Mobil Broadband.

You can find the Virgin Mobil thread here:

»Virgin Mobile Broadband

North, VA
reply to boondockEVDO
Given your signal level I'm surprised you can even connect much less get EVDO-A.

Virgin Mobil uses the Sprint Network. is the ATT tower a shared tower with Sprint? Perhaps you are trying to access the wrong tower?


Aye, apologies I realized this was the wrong forum as soon as I submitted the post. I made a user account to try and edit/remove it but I was unable to because I posted it as an "anonymous" user. Going to move the thread over there.

If any mods could delete this it would be appreciated!