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Old Martin
reply to rude

Re: Slow speeds.

said by rude :

TSI Martin...

"There something not right".

My apologies to the OP & Rude about the way my message may have been picked up. The unfortunate thing about reading threads is that there is no tone of voice & things can be taken the wrong way. So if I did appear unprofessional, it wasn't my intentions.

Me saying that something wasn't right, was more in a way to say I agreed with him & a service shouldn't be working this way. From what we are aware at this time, several towns & cities in Southern Ontario (Past London from Toronto) are being added to a Slow Speed pattern group. The speeds tend to appear throttled, but in fact it's a legit congested issue.

If we've confirmed with the user he was part of a Pattern, what he's showing for speeds will continue to be this way until Bell do their upgrades to their links that are congested.

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