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reply to Charter8

Re: Fiber cable without a converter

said by Charter8:

Right now im running two ethernet cords to my router from the pc, both ports(onboard) bridged on a single system. From the router to the wall, just normal ethernet cable. ISP Epbfi 50mb. Other than bridging the two onboard ports, I changed the speed to 1gbps and duplex to full.

You're just making problems for yourself by doing that. Unless your internet connection is more then 1 gbit, having 2 cables does nothing but confuse the router and the computer. Also, when you said you "changed the speed to 1gbps and duplex to full" did you do it on BOTH the router and the computer? Forcing one side to full duplex but leaving the other on auto causes the side still trying to auto-negotiate to fail and assumes half-duplex. This causes a duplex mismatch with one side at half and the other at full, which causes lots of collisions and huge amounts of packet loss.

A fiber optic cable carries light. A "normal" ethernet cable carries electricity. You cannot convert between light and electrical signals without a special converter.