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Re: horrible speeds and nothing being done about it.

I am just so depressed about this whole thing, it gets so bad I cant even check my email, at least you are lucky enough to have options. Its either this dsl or dialup, if I could get cable I would have long ago. Its not just teksavvy on this issue.

I quit using their services last year and got Bell whom assured me I would have NO problem whatsoever and no slow downs. 24 hours after hookup, the same crap so I immediately cancelled and went back. I am not going to pay more for the same B.S. Its EVERY night for me but has been happening for about 2 years and just gets worse and worse.

Each night I want to play a game I tether my cell phone over to my pc and use it, luckily I have a 6GB data plan so I dont go over, unfortunately that plan costs me over $100. SOMEDAY I hope to have reliable fast internet...
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