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Extreme Aerobatics
Campbell Hall, NY
reply to June

Re: [TWC] Upgraded to 30/5 But speeds remain the same

said by June :

Well I don't know if this modem is out dated or not, but I just recently purchased my own Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 to replace the Ubee DDw3611 modem/router combo that Time Warner had given me. Its working fine, except for the fact I'm not receiving the high speeds that I'm paying for..and I don't know why..Can someone help?

Sounds like they never updated your modem provisioning - call support and have them verify

Also - where are you measuring your speed?? directly connected to the modem, your router or over a wireless connection??

I also upgraded recently to 30/5 on TWC and purchased my own SB6141. My first one was defective and gave me lower speeds - replaced the SB and now all is fine -I will note though that it is impossible to tell if my modem was bad or if the second time they (TWC) provisioned it they did it right

Nothin' left to do but smile smile smile


I measured my speed directly connected from my modem to the pc..And today I just installed my netgear router and tested the speed while it was directly connected to the router and I received the same results..

Also I was getting the same speed test results with the old Ubee DDw3611 :/


Fremont, NE
Here is your problem "Power Level 55 dBmV" that is way too high, recommended is "~40-49dBmV". Your bottleneck seems to be the upstream having too much power thus causing you to fallback to 16QAM giving you the lower upload speeds. It could be as simple as moving the modem to the first cable splitter in your house, or it could be something on Time Warner Cables network. If the latter you'd have to call them, but how is your modem connected? But if your not sure what to do, then you can just call and ask for tier 3, they can run tests and go from there.