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Irun Man
Walden, NY

they aren't dumb

They've been reading the tea leaves for years and are placing all their chips in wireless. They're getting existing VZW customers accustomed to bandwidth restrictions now so that new customers don't feel shortchanged. Too bad for wireline, unfortunately consumers are cutting the cord in more ways than one and FiOS won't be relevant or necessary in their world.
I turned on my computer for this?


Mulberry, FL
The sad thing about all of this - this is actually a step backward for this country to get a better, faster and more reliable internet. The more this is in the hands of corporations like Verizon, etc, the more this is going to happen. They want maximum profits for their shareholders which results in a crappy product for their customers. They will deliver just a good enough product to keep the majority of customers quiet and paying them every month. The concept of reinvesting the money you get back into the product to deliver an even better product is quite frankly out the window. Until the infrastructure gets out of the hands of them, this is how it'll work.