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Bath, ON

Rich text email non rendering properly on Cogeco

I was asked to assist in a test of a problem an Ottawa organization is having regarding emails sent to their country wide organization.

The test message is in Rich Text or HTML format with their banner etc.

What happens, is that only part of text part of message displays, the rest is cut off. This happens on my WLM laptop and on my Blackberrry Playbook, so is not a WLM problem.

When looking at the message source code (using WLM - properties-message source), the entire message is there. It just is not displaying properly.

The organization sent same message to addresses on Gmail, Hotmail, Rogers. No problems with those, just the Cogeco recipients have problems.

Anyone any idea what might be going on here? Could it be the Cogeco security software messing up the HTML?

St Catharines, ON
Forward me the email (better yet, your message source info).


Bath, ON
Ok, I will.


Bath, ON
reply to Dingaan
I am told that this issue has not yet been solved.

For others who may be interested, Nevertheless suggested that "they're sending lines too long for the SMTP protocol" . Apparently the Cogeco software truncates the emails after receiving a certain number of characters (1024?)

The emails are sent to members right across Canada. It seems that the only recipients that have this problem are at Cogeco.

I did my own test and had them send the email to my Gmail account which then gets forwarded to Cogeco. This worked fine. Gmail automatically did whatever was needed to correct the problem and it then displayed properly on Cogeco.

I know Nevertheless is a good guy. Hopefully he will get the support needed to resolve this problem.



Section 4.5.3 page 42

Max line length is 1000 characters, if the sender is over that I guess they aren't compliant.

ding aan

If mail is non-compliant, why is it that messages to Cogeco subscribers are the only ones that are truncated? (same messages go out to recipients in every province, using many different Internet providers)


reply to Dingaan
Because some RFC stuff is stupid and most of us ignore them.


Bath, ON
reply to Dingaan
Update: I just checked with org having problem and it still persists. Cogeco was apparently working on a resolution, but so far no change.

Summary of problem: Rich text/html emailings to org members get truncated - only happens to those on Cogeco.