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This is a sub-selection from Idiot Local Governments

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Mount Airy, MD
reply to Skippy25

Re: Idiot Local Governments

said by Skippy25:

And they are only going to continue to expand in markets that the local government put requirements on them to do so. Funny how that works huh? They don't go to one city because that place wants conditions met and yet they are now stuck meeting conditions put on them by others. Which is exactly the way it should be.

So what are you whining about? Verizon is simply meeting its building conditions.
said by Skippy25:

Personally, I dont think they should have been allowed to expand any part of their network unless they committed 100% to replacing every copper line with fiber within that city. If they didnt do that, the city should start a muni project.

Good thing you're not in charge, we'd not have FIOS anywhere. You saw what happened when local governments made unreasonable demands of Verizon and got slapped down and yet, you insist on a heavy-handed approach. You saw the failure of this approach You need to learn to accept reality that this approach does not work.

Verizon is doing every local government that has jurisdiction over FIOS' service area a favor, and it is time the local governments recognized this.
Romney/Ryan 2012 - Put a couple of mature adults in charge.


Hazelwood, MO

First I find it funny how all you naysayers think in the 100% or 0% realm. As if any of these companies have a choice if regulators force it upon them. You think Verizon is just going to close up shop if they are told they have to do something they dont want? You do realize, them and every other business are there because the government allows them to be and allows them to produce, market and sell their product, right?

I beg to differ anyhow as you are yet to really see a heavy handed approach, which is why we are now 29th in the world after inventing the internet.

What you have seen are some tough conditions with loopholes skirted or those without loopholes lobbied away. One fine example is the Telecom Act of 1996. If we were heavy handed then we would be at least competing with France who pretty much used our bill to improve themselves. Another good example is PA, that gave Verizon billions to wire them with 45 symmetrical (Verizon's own words) and yet then let them not only not complete the build out and met the conditions, but to keep the money.

Your very last statement shows the shear arrogance of you and your corporate mentality. Not that it would happen, but Verizon could have its license to even operate yanked and you seem to forget that. You don't think something like that could happen? Ask past employees and partners of Aurthur Anderson.



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Nailed it.

What these Republicans fail to accept is that terms corporation, CEO, profit, profitable, boards, executives, conglomerates, Big Business, etc etc etc are not mentioned once in our Constitution. Had they foreseen where our nation has headed, they would have indeed enacted a Separation of Corporation and state; aka as corporate fascism.

This lack of definition is precisely why the Republican arm of the SCOTUS overstepped their authority and now classify anyone of these multibillion dollar Goliath entities the same as every Tom, Dick, and Harry.