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[DVR] unsupported Iomega 2TB 3Gbps eSATA Problems Issues Failing

Because I wanted maximum capacity, I ordered an Iomega eSATA 2TB Professional HD in 12/2011. It has been working great up until about a month ago 8/2012. Now it freezes during playback constantly, at about 37% full. I've tried removing all of the deleted programs, turning it off for an evening, and doing the auto-fix MRDVR option. The problem will go away for maybe a half day but then show its ugly face.

I've like to run diagnostics but I'm afraid if I connect it to my PC it'll get erased. My feeling at this point is that the drive may have gotten overheated because it was sitting in an area without good air flow. I have since moved it but I worry the damage has been done.

Any suggestions?


Verona, NJ

Re: [DVR] unsupported Iomega 2TB 3Gbps eSATA Problems Issues Fai

Have you opened the case? Is it an AV drive meant for 24/7 operation with wear balancing and multiple HD streams?

I have the same Iomega and so far so good. I bought a second not long after the first one and that one was nothing but trouble.

I recommend the qualified WD (albeit 1TB) that is FiOS approved or make your own with an AV specific WD or Seagate drive.


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I had the exact same problem after coming back from vacation.
I ended up taking the whole thing apart cleaned it / the connectors and put it all back together. and it has worked for a month without problems. I am using the exact same unit.
I wondered if during the summer it overheated or something as well.
I tried connecting to my PC as well, the BIOS showed it but could not do much else.
Try taking it apart and putting it back together and see how it fairs.

Edit: I also put bumpers on the bottom and have it flat instead of upright.



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Norwalk, CA

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reply to mvoss18
reboot both devices, and I mean pull the plug on both wait 30 seconds, reboot. will cure it for a while, make sure the devices are getting plenty of air!!!

edit: I was scared the first few times this happened, thought 2 TB's worth of data was lost. since then I have put the Rosewill enclosure on it's side so I can keep an eye on the screen, so it does not get full of dust. indoor dryers and a few blocks from freeways does wonders as to how often you have to vacuum with a good hepa filter

I read many sites before doing the external drive thingy and it seems the 3 TeraByte models have a lot of THERMAL issues and even data loss, and the old days when drive makers made tall drives with lots of platters are sadly gone. so now they rely on the latest inventions at IBM labs and areal densities. in other words I stay away from them even for computers that also have issues to this day with "modern" BIOS's