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This is a sub-selection from The Great and Powerful Google


Austin, TX
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Re: The Great and Powerful Google

Easy answer: TV is not a profit center for Google Fiber. It's a "look at this tech and see what it can do" center. Unbundling it would probably result in costs of $70+ per month for TV-only.

Plus, doing TV-only service runs against Google's entire purpose for their fiber network: get more people using the Internet more of the time, so they'll use Google services more. A TV-only product doesn't do this. FTTH is a stupid idea for linear-video-only distribution, something that can be done just as well over satellite or coax. Which is why for Google the prime product in their offering is Internet, not TV.

If you want TV-only service, you have three companies in KC to choose from, and Google doesn't really want your patronage anyway. In the case of Verizon, they just want to raise Internet prices without raising the sticker price of the Internet option, so they started requiring landlines. Similar to what they did with Share Everything for data plans. Google never had the precedent of unbundled TV, so why fault them for not having it when you can get a similar product from Dish, DirecTV or TWC?


Cleveland, OH
I know TV is not Google's main product, but still forcing bundling still is illegal. And the DOJ and the FTC needs to step up and put the foot up their ass.