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Dracut, MA
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: 9;

said by hottboiinnc:

ObamaCare actually will reduce costs of healthcare giving you an option. And as far as him passing it- Mitt first passed it on the great state of MA.

Sadly all it did here in MA is cause the rates to go up and up and benefits to drop. For me to actually use my insurance for pills I have to go through CVS, and for any real benefit I have to buy a 3 month prescription. Walmart cant take my insurance but I buy from local grocery store that actually gives me CHEAPER pills without insurance than if I went through CVS. My insurance hasnt changed in the last 5 years but my costs have doubled. That in no way is reducing my costs.



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Mitts's model is not reducing costs because it still relies on the profit driven private sector. Whereas, the highest ranking and most efficient health systems on the planet, are all single payer or completely government owned.

The best ranked health system on the planet (Switzerland), is still 2 to 3 times cheaper per capita than our model.

If our model worked so great, then surely at least one developed nation would emulate it. Think iPad and iPhone here.