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Alpha Phoenix
Brooklyn, NY

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reply to bionicRod

Re: Wii U

said by bionicRod:

said by Alpha Phoenix:

said by bionicRod:

Pretty cool tv functionality. I wonder if that will work with a telco, satellite or cable dvr? I haven't had a tivo for years.

I don't watch a lot of tv but if my better half sees that we'll be getting one.

I believe the articles I posted pretty much answer your questions.

Yeah, well I'm at work and they're websensed.

Then do what I do. Check them on your smartphone.

Because I like you, I'll copy and paste the main snippets for you.

said by »www.joystiq.com/2012/09/13/ninte···-and-di/ :

Nintendo TVii supported by 'all' major US, Canadian cable and dish companies

Nintendo's director of strategic partnerships, Zach Fountain, has said Nintendo TVii will support "all" cable and dish carriers in the US and Canada. Speaking with Engadget, the executive said the only requirement for signing up is entering your cable or dish provider account information into the Wii U.

DVR and TiVO functionality will work in a similar manner, with subscribers inputting information via web, with functionality then accessible through Wii U.

said by »www.computerandvideogames.com/36···evision/ :

Users can access Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon TV streams, as well as live TV, and even access their Tivo player.

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I can't always get away with looking at my smart phone, but this page is just an alt tab away on my work pc! Anyway thanks for posting! That is awesome news and is a compelling reason to consider getting a WiiU. Good move by Nintendo.