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reply to Gone

Re: [Hockey] Official~ NHL thread...........scores and highlites

said by Gone:

said by HiVolt:

The league can't expand now, with so many franchises failing financially...

Yeah, expansion should be off the table until they move the existing failing franchises into profitable (read: mostly Canadian) markets.

I agree, but Gary Bettman's ego doesn't. Does anyone remember how fake his 'congratulations' to Winnipeg was at the draft? He didn't want to do it, and he spat it out through clenched teeth, because he was so pissed that they had managed to meet his near-impossible list of conditions to move the franchise. He likes the increase in revenue, I'm sure, but his ego took a blow because his 'southern expansion' took a shot and his ego doesn't like taking shots (it's big, but fragile).

Besides, expansion means money for all the other teams, and that'll help them with their financial situations in the short term so he'll be all for that. It also means he doesn't have to deal with disappointment of the city being left and possible conflict with teams around where the moving team is relocating too.
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