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Hamilton, ON

Recordings not working properly

I set my Motorola 6416 to record all the prime time shows for this week on Sunday afternoon. Last night I checked what i was going to record and it had NCIS, and NCIS LA and at 10:00pm on CTV 701 I had set it to record Criminal Minds. I looked at the recording and it had a slash through the red circle and I assumed that means don't record this show.

I tried to tell the PVR not to record the show, and i tried everything I could to change that symbol but it wouldn't change and when it came time to record the show It wouldn't record even when I hit the record button on the remote it wouldn't start the to record.

I've never come across this type of thing before and I'm curious if anyone else here has ever had this happen to them?

The other screw up came later as I also had Vegas set to record at 1:00am along with world without end and neither one of these recordings took place either.

I tried a few test recordings this morning and they worked fine and I still have all the other recordings set for the rest of the week and none of them have no record symbol on them so I'm hoping that they will record alright.

If anyone has any insight as to what's going on I'd love to hear



Hamilton, ON

I just checked and the recording for Criminal Minds on 718 Kiro which is set for 12:01am tonight has now changed to the same no record symbol just like last night.

The strange thing is when I set the recording up last night at 10:30pm it showed as a full red circle which would mean a show to be recorded but somehow changed from that to the no record symbol.

I've called Cogeco and they have no idea what this all means and they want to do a factory reset on my box.

I just find it strange that the same show "Criminal Minds" has the same problem on 2 different nights.

I also have the same problem that I can't delete the recording or change it at all.

This is some very strange stuff.