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Chesterfield, MO

I must be thick...

I'm lost as this statement doesn't compute:

In short, Genachowski is saying that unnecessary caps and overages are just fine as long as they scale to modern usage trends...

If they scale with usage trends then:

1) As the package-and-broadcast content model dies, modern usage trends will include 200 hours of OTT VOD video for at least one television (30 days * 6.8hrs per day). That means caps need to trend to at least 1TB for just video, let alone the other HSI uses.
2) If CAPs increase with the herd such that only the 2% outliers pay extra (that's what we're always told by the ISPs), how can this ever provide the necessary revenue (again, as we've been told by the ISPs) they need to scale the network?

Drug pushers will give away product to get people hooked. I see CAPs and meters and similar because ISPs know our appetite is growing and as soon most of us start going over the initial monthly pittance, it's big money time. If the chief FCC head believes ISPs will keep raising the quantity of free as our appetites grow, the big money will never happen, right?