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Re: Need help configuring my Cisco871W with Optimum Static IP

said by root:

said by OOLost
It's BEcause, not cause... learn English too.
Acronyms are suffixed with just the suffix sans the apostrophe.

Sorry but don't get acrimonious with me.

It's pretty asinine to insult the only one helping you...just saying.

It was pretty asinine to insult the one who was looking for an answer too.
And the condescension was completely uncalled for in "One man's defective P-o-crap Belkin router generating a DNS flood is another man's DDoS."

FWIW, maybe all you so called "wizards" should learn to read and understand what I've experienced. »www.shortestpathfirst.net/2009/1 ··· attacks/

On the positive side, the traffic has subsided once again. I'm leaving my ACLs in place though for now.

If you will look at the networks that I listed previously, they are owned by organizations which provide DDoS mitigation services or devices to mitigate DDoS attacks. Either way, they were the targets and chances are that the IP addresses which appeared as the sourcing addresses (their networks) were spoofed/feigned. My router, of course, doesn't know the difference but ACLing them off did mitigate the attack as AFAIAC. Whether or not the intended targets are seeing any mitigation in the attack is of no concern to me.