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Re: My Setup

Great writeup! I wasn't aware of Emit, thanks for that! Gonna check that baby out...

My setup is a little different. I don't have Sickbeard or Couch Potato (Don't watch a lot of TV or movies and like to research them before hand).

1. Wake on Wan setup so machine can be remotely turned on and off from anywhere (Can be a pain in the arse getting this to work right but once you do, ahh it feels so good)

2. SSH server - WinSSHD

3. Port Forward RDP port on SSH server and remote in using Remote Desktop (More safe than just straight remoting into your machine, 1024bit RSA encryption and public/private key authentication)

4. Load up Newsbin Pro and upload nzb to the monitored folder for download

5. Once logged in, do as you please. No API's needed and all free, well except for Newsbin but could use Sabnzbd instead

EDIT: Local Steaming I use MPC-HC for video and Foobar for audio