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New York, NY
reply to Boricua

Re: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1

said by Boricua:

said by Octavean:


When I made the first post of this thread I searched for it on Netflix. The result was the typical auto complete before I finished typing in “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1”. Netflix has a great search engine and since it auto completed I thought it would find it no problem but no dice.

I searched today and it was at the top of the results list so I added it but it made me recall something. Netflix has apparently agreed to delay search results for new movies and or the ability to add them to your queue in addition to the other delays they agreed to for physical discs / movies.

In other words Netflix has further agreed to marginalize themselves.

Why wait for Netflix?

I dont have to wait for Netflix, I could get it from iTunes for example which was the place I first came accross it.

However, if you are suggesting downloading from torrents or the like, I do not engage in such activities. Generally speaking I don’t really care if others do but I don’t. I can wait until I can acquire it in a way that meets my standards or I can completely pass on it. I consider it an issue of discipline and self control.