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Mineral Wells, TX


Google should buy Verizon fiber fios build.. but the thing is will they? doubtful, then again maybe not.., who knows, either way Google is a game changer and we don't see them that often anymore

AT&T, Verizon and others believe they are innovators but they never really made anything within the last 10 years..

AT&T/ Ma-Bell did create some fascinating things back in the day but charged people for it..

now days its a different story, these 2 company's would rather increase rates than innovate or compete with each other

Google on the other hand is a powerhouse if they wanted to start a fiber build they can do that, their is nothing stopping them from going in to new york or where ever as long as the population is right

Google is using this as a testbed not only for apps, developers, but also to see what people could use this speed for and see if its a viable thing for them to pursue in the future (long term) it would still take many years for them to even decide if they will expand.. once and if they do fiber will possibly will drop quite a bit, we have seen this in the last 5 years if the price is still dropping and copper is rising the time is coming, but we may have to wait at least 10 years to see the actual results..

our world is changing don't think just because cable wire is their now that it will be the same within 10 years.. a lot can happen, and with that I hope to see the cable cos actually fall