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Bay, AR

[General] How to Find Out Internet Usage On HomeFusion Router

Well, I was on my router just roaming around minding my own business, checking what all the router can do. I must say, it has quite a bit of features in there.

Well, anyways, back to my story. I was on there roaming around and went to the System Monitoring section to see what all it had. Well, if you go to System Monitoring > Advanced HBR Status > Click Yes > Full Status/System wide Monitoring of Connections, it shows you all of the parts of the router that transfer Data. From this page, I figure the Coax part is our total Data. From what my Bandwidth monitor is showing me, the Coax Down + Upload in System Monitoring is pretty much spot-on. I don't know if this will reset at the end of the period or show you the complete data usage ever since your system was turned on, I will have to check it out after my billing period.

The usage is in Bytes, so you will need to take your full number and Divide it by "1073741824" to get your GB usage.

For people that need a way of seeing usage on the fly and don't want to go to the Verizon Website, just bookmark the page. I also suspect that it will be more accurate as well.

If I can learn to code soon, I'll try and make a little Windows App/Widget to try and pull that data from the router, convert it to KB/MB/GB and then make us a little chart for data used. I know it shouldn't take much to do, but it will probably have to ask you for your router's username and password so it can login and get the data.

P.S. The direct link to the page is » ··· tatus.lp
Make sure your logged in before you click it or it will ask you for your username and password and spit you out at the router start page.

EDIT* I also don't know if this data is lost on power outages or reset's either. I'll have to try that one out in a little bit.