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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
reply to Liberty

Re: [Praise] Who are the packaging engineers?

Any engineer or manager in manufacturing.
Even logistics supervisors.
The trick is packaging as cheap as possible while never damaging anything also taking in account handling, weight, stackability or even how your boxes will fit maximizing the space in a cargo shipping container. Many different kinds of workers have to do this.

If you have a product very tightly packed then I can imaging they need to cut out a couple extra mm of space to optimize fit in a shipping container.
It could also be if that by squeezing everything into that smaller box they were able to stamp out the boxes on a smaller and cheaper machine.
It could be also by squeezing everything into a smaller box they get a better rate with shipping with UPS/FedEx/Usps.
Many factors go into the shape and size of a box.
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