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Clare, IL

[Line Problem] Bandwidth see-saw

-problem never occurred before
-first noticed it 2-3 days after September storm (sept-10??) while playing BF3... tanks flying, people teleporting etc.
-problem doesn't happen everyday
-noticeable when it starts or stops (today it started around 6:30p and it still happening at the time of post)

I used a torrent to get that 6mbps speeds to draw this graph.

Each cell is about 5 seconds. So in 8 seconds of uptime, there's some 4ish seconds downtime.This pattern stays consistent for hours.

Heres the line quality test I ran:

-its not my local WAN, tested directly to modem(s), etc etc..
-used 2 different modems, both strangely syncing good with no red lights
-there isn't an appliance (microwave, ref, hvac) that corresponds with the timing internally
-filters and line looks physically good.

I really haven't called AT&T yet, I'm waiting for the primary account holder to be home from vacation for those verification purposes.