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Use forwarded port over VPN

My friend has a PC connected to broadband internet and I have a laptop connected to internet through a mobile wireless network. Since it's imposibble to forward a port because the ISP don't allow that on moblie networks, I connected my laptop to my friends PC through hamachi and I want to tunnel the forwarded port 9919 from my friends PC to my laptop over the VPN connection. I was thinking to use FreeProxy to tunnel the port from his PC but i'm not sure how to set it up. Then I will be using ForceBindIp to force the program from my laptop to use the VPN hamachi connection instead of the mobile internet. Will it work? Should I use other VPN software? Or other software to tunnel the port? How should I configure it?
Thanks in advance


No one can help me?

reply to Chrisx
said by Chrisx :

to force the program from my laptop to use the VPN hamachi connection instead of the mobile internet.

Dumb question, but to what end exactly are you trying to do this? Certain apps not permitted over your mobile service provider?
Don't trust traffic crossing the mobile service provider? Something else?



Well, as I already said, I want to forward a port but the mobile service provider don't allow it. it's nothing about not trusting the provider. The mobile network just dosen't allow a port to be forwarded so I came with an ideea.

Norman, OK
reply to Chrisx
At one time you could setup server-to-client port forwarding using the Tunnelier SSH client (free for personal use). I experimented a bit with that years ago with Remote Desktop requests back to the remote SSH client from another PC on the local LAN where the SSH server was located. That was configured in the S2C configuration tab in the Tunnelier client.

You would need to setup a SSH server on your friends computer and use the Tunnelier SSH client on your computer and just experiment a bit.


The Tunnelier support forum for additional help...


If you use their Bitvise SSH server (also free for personal use) it maybe a bit easier to setup and use.