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Clermont, FL
reply to BHNtechXpert

Re: [Internet] Best Routers for Bridged Networks

Gary, I'm sort of confused where all this is going (from an ASUS perspective), and I'll assume you don't know either?

From what I gather ASUS is continuing to update the 'official' flash and working to fix problems and/or add new features. As I understand it, this is also publicly available code and Padavan takes advantage of this to build his flashes.

Also, it appears that ASUS is now creating a 'private' beta (code not released) that will bring the N66U codebase to the N56U. Good as there would only be one set of source code to 'fix/update'.

This means the code is diverging, that is Padavan at some point (IF and when ASUS switches the 'official' to the beta) will need to make some base code changes and start possibly anew.

On top of that, on SMALLNETBUILDER.COM some ID of ZOOMER88 has recently appeared. Answering messages and sort of seems to be connected to Padavan. This IS a large thread the ID appears in, »forums.smallnetbuilder.com/showt···7&page=9, and there was a question of where to report problems not answered. One problem report it did respond that he'll report it, but the user should have. Also note this :

Now to the questions!

Originally Posted by aaronwt
SO is this still considered a beta?

Oh yeah. If you want stable firmware, stick to the -010 build. That's an old kernel. No major bugs or anything. If you're willing to participate in testing - welcome to the 015-016 builds.

Sort of answers why the main page wasn't updated?

So, as I said, not sure where all this is headed, almost a 3 pronged deal that will eventually turn into 2, but probably a delay before Padavan can get up to speed?

Is it worth even trying the ASUS Beta? I know you had problems with it though. Seems like a new update is sort of due (»forums.smallnetbuilder.com/showt···p?t=7567), last one was over a month ago and the drops have been about 1 per month. Long thread and people claim some good things about the last one, especially for 'i' devices?
Irv Spalten