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Reno, NV
reply to Kman08

Re: [Installer] HT1000 My first install!

said by Kman08 :

Sharky, thanks for posting the link I read through it. But it still left me wondering, can one of the lines the fed the HN7000S modem still be used. I just put brand new dual data 3G cable in the ground out to our dish and would hate to have to redo all that. I suppose that with a steel fishing tool and some wire lubricant I might be able to fish the wire through. That would be fun I am pretty sure. As I bet the cable would get hung up at the corners, given the fact that the internet coax is not the only line down there. There is the cable for the HD antenna as well as Dish Networks cables for their HD and analog too. So sometimes the cables get a little freaked up inside the pipe along the 100/110ft or so distance. Is it still a 3Ghz cable? Or some kind of a special cable with a dual core in it??

I had my 7000 upgraded to the 9000 a while ago and did not have to change the cable, as far as I can tell you should still be able to use your existing cable for the Gen4, as long as it is good.

Super good, if that is the way it goes. Crossing fingers.