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reply to ccureau

Re: An alternative...

said by ccureau:

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans' own newspaper) has a different idea. Since sales of papers are down and have been for years, they are switching their model. Beginning in October, the paper will actually be printed three times a week instead of seven, and they will begin to focus more on their online edition.

Of course, once they do this, they will expect us to pay for their online content...but they're surprisingly mum about this so far.

The real issue here is that people have so many choices for immediate news now (many that are free of charge) that it makes less and less sense for customers to continue purchasing a newspaper -- with stories already a day old.

The problem is, despite their overhead being now much less due to not having to print nor distribute that physical newspaper copy, they still try to charge prices very similar to those physical newspaper prices and wonder why nobody subscribes.