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Austin, TX
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reply to inteller

Re: what's the latency on this stuff these days?

See my post above.

And no, gaming would be horrid over this connection. Until some sat ISP pwns the laws of physics geostationary satellites will continue to exhibit this huge latency disadvantage.

Then again, this is for folks who can't get anything else.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
Depends. I had a decent time playing MMORPGs over my sister's 600ms latency Hughesnet connection. Something that requires more precise timing, like a racer or fps, would be out of the question. Probably would want to take a laptop to some wifi somewhere to download the updates, with these caps. I have fixed line backhauled with my own wireless antennas for the last mile connection, so I already had my clients updated when visiting her. Audio streaming is good on these caps. Got yourmuze.FM mobile streams working on my Linux laptop, which uses the efficient AAC+ codec. Good sound using a low bitrate. Most things are possible on things like satellite. They just take a little planning out. Btw, I prefer VOIP with a 1 sec voice delay on my cell phone using her wifi to the static ridden POTS lines available in rural spots like ours(especially hers). They are probably not even good enough for dial up out there.
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