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Oakfield, ME

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reply to Ryan65

Re: Why can't Fairpoint provide steady service?

For close to 2 years, Fairpoint has been leading me along with promises of upgrades in the future. Just recently when I received my $50 credit, they said it had to be fixed by October.

Well, they just completed the upgrades, I got home from being out of town late at night, and was amazed at my 4mb/1mb speeds, being able to play a 720p youtube video on this DSL for the first time ever.

I thought finally after years of complaints and headaches, I finally get stable service. Well that dream was short-lived, 5PM the next day and my ping goes to 150-300, speeds down to 0.5mb/s down, my upload stays pretty solid, around 1mb.

So after I called them, and said yet again that it's obvious the remote I'm connected to is overloaded, they check some things, call me back and say indeed the remote can't handle the bandwidth upgrade so they are checking to see if they can add additional T1 lines to it and if not they are putting us back to the old speeds...which also couldn't be sustained.

So almost 2 years being told of this upgrade, told it would fix my issues while they were basically denying there were any issues to begin-with and that I was the only one complaining. Now I find out I was right all along, the remote I'm connected to is congested, and now my only "fix" is to go back to how it used to be unless adding 1 or 2 additional T1s is somehow going to solve a congested remote with over 30 people on it (it won't).

I'm afraid if I complain much more they will just cancel my service, so I guess it's either bend over and take it or risk getting cancelled for complaining about horrible service.