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Re: [TV] Full-Screen Guide?

said by wbrightfl:

I agree!

The current guide only allows viewing 5 channels at once due to the preview video and all the wasted space around the guide. Allowing full screen with bigger letter font would help, but not this back/grey theme they rolled out today. I get pissed everytime I open the guide and have to put on my glasses to read it.

I know picking on Navigator is the ‘cool’ thing. But the EPG really isn’t that bad. Yes, I would rather have an HD guide that filled the screen, but DirecTV has that, and they fail at actually using the extra screen real estate. They show the same 90 minutes worth of programming info, but on six channels as opposed to five, a whole one channel extra, and that’s only if you happen to be on a part of the guide where there none of those banner ads. Here’s some pictures I took of my Time Warner and DirecTV set ups and posted on AVS last month comparing the info that you can see on screen, using the same grouping of channels. There really isn’t much difference as to what you can actually see.

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If I sit up close next to my 42" flat screen the guide is readable. When sitting across the room on the couch it's difficult for me to read the grey font. I don't think the developer thought that out. Creating a guide that looks good up close vs. the guide when viewing from 10-15 feet away like us at home.

I honestly liked the older color theme better. It was much easier to read in my opinion.

What I just don't get is Bright House has excelled in adding new programming and adding more HD channels. The HD quality is excellent. The VOD service is exceptional. All this yet they fail in providing a quality user friendly guide. Perhaps this is just not a priority for BH. I was just spolied for the last 11 years as a Dish Network subscriber with excellent DVRs and the best programming guides I have seen. I left Dish due to them dropping channels I watch, but do miss their DVRs.

For now I guess we are stuck with this new guide. I'm going to have to keep putting on my glasses to read the guide or move the couch closer to the TV. I hope they find a good developer to create us a better one soon.