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New York, NY

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reply to Telco

Re: 9;

Your post is misguided and ignorant. Verizon spent roughly $25 billion building out their FIOS network. They have every right in the world to start making a return on that investment. Only someone who possessed an obscenely profligate, big government mindset and a total ignorance of economics would fail to understand what a massive investment of money this represents. This was a gigantic risk for Verizon, and they took plenty of heat from investors because of it. They have an obligation to make a return for their shareholders, not to be foolishly altruistic and continue to fund a massive expansion where it doesn't make economic sense to do so.

And, of course, you further posit -- against all common sense -- that we need the benevolent hand of the federal government to step in and provide broadband. Any person who sees government intervention as a panacea for every problem, whether real or perceived, is stunningly naive.