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Los Angeles, CA

Grandfathered plan with iSpot - can I upgrade to new device?

I have the Clear iSpot from a while back, paying $25 / month for unlimited data AND speed. I get 6 Mbps download in most places I visited (California, Colorado, New York, etc..etc..)

However, my iSpot is dying. The battery itself does not hold long charge anymore (2 hours and its dead) and no one sells replacement battery.

So I am thinking of buying the new Clear Spots and use this with my grandfathered plan. However, if I tried to purchase the device online, it shows that I HAVE to select a new plan ($35 with 1.5 Mbps down). I went to visit a local Clear reseller (Fry's) and spoke with somebody from Clear and he didn't even know how to do this. His system only allows him to "associate" a new Clear Spot device with the $35 plan.

Does anyone know how can I achieve the above?

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL
Purchase the device you want with a plan.
When the device arrives cancel the plan.
Call CW and tell them to replace the device on your current plan with the device you just purchased.
Might cost you a few dollars on the pro-rated cancellation.
OR just call CW and tell them you current device is borked and maybe they will replace it with a new device or let you purchase a new device on the existing plan.


Los Angeles, CA
Found the answer from Clear own website:
» ··· -new-one

Can I upgrade from my current device to a new one?

You always can replace your current device by purchasing a new device and contacting us to have your current service switched to the new device.

So I went to Best Buy, bought the Clear Voyager, call Clear and have the service transferred to the new Clear Voyager WITHOUT changing plan.

30 minutes later, I am up and running with the new Clear Voyager and my Clear account shows that I STILL have my $25 plan (6Mbps download).


Oregon City, OR
Thanks for the update, I've been contemplating doing this myself.


Los Angeles, CA
No problem.

I've been using the new Voyager and compared with the old iSpot, here's what I observed:

+ Accept 8 devices (iSpot only take 5 devices)
+ Since it's newer device, if it dies, Clear will replace it within 12 months (at least that's what the CSR said)
+ WiFi signal seems to be much stronger

- Non-user replaceable battery
- Cannot do static DHCP (connected device have the same IP address all the time)

Now I am wondering what to do with the Clear iSpot device. Sell it?


Pine Hall, NC
reply to lanwarrior
I did the same thing last month and last week got a call from Clear telling me I had to either pay the 34.99 or 49.99. They offered me 25.00 for 3 months for the mishap, but told me it would go up after that.


Los Angeles, CA
So far I am still getting charged $25 / month. Have not received any call from Clear forcing me to upgrade to the more expensive plan.

2 of my friends also upgraded their device in the last month and no issue either.

Did you call back and try to speak to a different agent?


Tampa Bay
·Verizon FiOS
·Bright House Net..
Interesting-- because THAT is precisely why I left Clear, with hard feelings.

My iSpot died THE DAY the warranty expired. What made it even more frustrating is I bought the iSpot but was unable to use it for more than a month. Our new iPods (4 Touch) had MAC addresses from a new range and the iSport firmware had not been updated to recognize them, so we had to wait for new firmware to be released-- more than a month later.

So because Clear sold us a product we couldn't use until new firmware was available, we had less than 11 months of use on the device when it died.

I called Clear to get a replacement, but was told they discontinued the iSpot and didn't have anything left in stock. I asked about buying the regular Spot device but using it with the same $25 plan-- and was promptly told NO by each support person I spoke with, including when the problem was escalated.

My last words were asking Clear to let me get this straight-- they were willing to let a paying customer walk away rather than continue the existing plan on a new device (that I would buy at my own expense).

They said that's they way it was, and there was nothing else they could offer except to "upgrade" to the regular Spot service at a higher monthly rate.

Bye bye, Clear. I went with T-Mobile and get much faster service with 1.5 GB (far more than I use) monthly data for $25. And the coverage area is FAR wider than Clear's sad little footprint.

So my iSpot dying and Clear being unwilling to help me in any way, was actually a good thing for me.


Batavia, IL
reply to lanwarrior
Hey Buddy,

I have the CLEARSPOT batteries in stock and can sell you one.... or even better yet get your self a INFOMARK device with a mac address that starts with 00:1E and call support and ask them to do a mac swap into the same device... and your problem is solved! Remember to only do this with a new INFOMARK device as a used one will trigger the old SKU ... Clear Spot Voyager works perfectly!

Good luck!
Robert Villanueva
Munoz Networking

reply to lanwarrior
I am thinking about doing this too. Was gonna get the Voyager, or a used device from ebay.

I spoke to a chat rep(a bot?) and they told me it'd be okay, but you can't be too sure you know.. Though I have nothing to lose now, either they let me do it or I'll just cancel.


Pine Hall, NC
reply to lanwarrior
I spoke to 4 different agents. They to told me they were checking accounts that had the ispot and upgraded to another device. I started with the ispot and then upgraded to the Apollo, the power button broke and I upgraded to the voyager. That was when they wanted to start charging me the 34.99 or 49.99. I am not a heavy user some months I didn't even use it my biggest month of usage in 3 years was 6.7GB.


Batavia, IL
If you have a voyager, it is the same prefix as a ispot, just call Clear and speak with a level 2 CMT rep and have them update the hardware profile to Infomark IMW-610 ISPOT and that all they need to do, no need to change any plans..

Infomark Devices start with 00:1E

Having an Apollo device will set off a trigger because Gemtek uses the 00:1D prefix for all of its modems and is the most common with CLEAR

Hi, I’ve lost my ispot, first Clear promised me to allow me to update the device, then they told me it’s not a possibility whatsoever. I’ve contacted notorious jaku, and I don’t know if I understood correctly he said that I can buy instead of ispot the old clearspot.
I’ve explained my problem here

» ··· =3&t=333

Before buying a clearspot or the voyager from Worst Buy, what should I do? Should I call clear and tell them to change the device to another ispot and give them my clearspots MAC? They won't ask anything else?

Thanks a lot


Batavia, IL
Should I call clear and tell them to change the device to another ispot and give them my clearspots MAC? They won't ask anything else? Yes
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