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Manotick, ON
reply to LeadFoot

Re: PVR Drive Cycling

I called Rogers just now to report that both my PVRs have the problem of the hard drive turning on and off every few minutes (so it isn't a hardware problem). The problem started right after a firmware update Sept. 13.

Tech support says I'm the ONLY CALL they have had about this problem! The guy hung up on me just now when I insisted there are others with the same problem. Leadfoot - did you call them?
Everyone please call. Rogers will not admit the problem or fix it until they get lots of complaints. I hope it doesn't take 6 months this time!
Rogers Cable Tech Support 1-888-764-3771
Computing 46 years and still get annoyed at tech problems.


Scarborough, ON
I have called them. My ticket number is C62187902. The problem is, when you speak to someone in level 1 support, they are, for the most part, clueless. Here are a few more ticket numbers you can give them though: C61795473, C61914992, C61801728, C62064926, C61984371, and C62141176. Then there is a master ticket number - PT00063763. Always ask to speak to their supervisor. You might then have at least a 50-50 chance of speaking to someone who knows what they are talking about!