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Re: [Extreme] Rogers Pricing Being Slayed by Start.ca

said by Ree:

said by kliles:

Almost all 'deals' offered by retentions involve re-upping with another longish term contract don't they? start.ca is month-to-month...

True, I'm on a 2 year contract to get the 70% discount. But it's highly unlikely that anybody will be able to touch that discounted price, so it's not likely that I'll want to switch within two years anyway.

And if a better internal deal comes along, then you can switch without penalty...I was 6 months into a 1 year contract for Extreme+ @ 30% off when the Ultimate @ 70% off came along, and they had no problems switching me over. I guess YMMV on this one, maybe other reps would have pushed for a cancellation penalty to end the first contract, I don't know.

The best thing anyone can do is change providers when it comes to Bell / Rogers for any service specially if you want to change the landscape of the technology coming into Canada, you have to be a part of the collective and change the CRTC because Rogers and Bell have definately infiltrated them, START, WIND, Shaw Direct and freephoneline.ca which I use can save you a bundle without the added bollox that Roger's like to include.

Do yourself a favor, switch.