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[Exede] Exede Static IP

Got a special project, looking for some guidance. The president of our company is looking to have a security DVR system installed at his farm house and wants remote access. Exede seems like a good option (given we know this will be for limited use with the limited data usage allowed). From what i can tell static IP isnt an option for exede? So im guessing my best option would be to get some sort of router that supports one of the dynamic ip to domain name update services and use that? Any other suggestions?



said by cooldude9919:

From what i can tell static IP isnt an option for exede?

May 2012; NRTC News Letter

ViaSat is focusing early Exede sales on the consumer market and does not currently offer static IP with Exede subscriptions. Alana Pilkington, NRTC vice president, Internet Services, said that NRTC has been pushing for ViaSat to include a static IP feature, but in the meantime, there is a potential work-around. “What ViaSat is doing today instead of offering static IP addresses is putting a long-term persistent dynamic lease on the modem. The modem would have to be consistently offline for a significant amount of time before it would not get the same IP address back.”


Footnote - For Exede 12 users, I know nothing...for Exede 5, they have changed my dynamic IP address several times in some six months.