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O Fallon, MO

DSL customer since 2000. Outdated technology, no U-verse.

I feel as if I'm behind the times the longer I stick with DSL. I don't see any indication that U-verse is going to reach my neighborhood. I'm contemplating a switch to Charter but don't know what to expect there. AT&T has no answer when I ask if U-verse will ever be available.

If you're in my position, do you wait AT&T and see when (if?) U-verse is ever available or hit the road to Charter?

Cedar Creek, TX
im in the same boat as you. the town next to me can get it with 9k people but i cant get it here with 100k people and no time table when it will be here. so i am probably going to switch to road runner.
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Brook Park, OH
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From what I've read here on DSLR, at&t has put a halt to any further U-Verse rollouts. If you don't have it now, you'll never get it . I'm in that boat.. it was rolled out about 2-3 years ago to my former neighborhood in the Cleveland suburb where I live. No U-Verse here in the neighborhood I moved to about 3 years ago in the same freakin' suburb... can't get any better than about 2.5 down on the "old school" (PPPoE over ATM) DSL here, even though it's a nicer neighborhood (my old neighborhood was more densely populated).

I just hope at&t doesn't get rid of DSL here, . I think the promo price is $19.95/month for a year (or was it $14.95?). I'd had to lose an Internet choice.


Saint Louis, MO
reply to rdbecker
I'm in the same boat. Been with AT&T for ages. Uverse is on my street in St.Louis but not my house! We're switching to Charter on Monday. Hoping to be able to keep our swell.net email address.


Mobile, AL
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reply to rdbecker
I'm in the boat as well. We actually have FTTC / FITL-MX in my neighborhood, but AT&T doesn't utilize the potential of this technology. It looks like Mediacom is getting ready to deploy here so it will be goodbye AT&T if it happens. In fact if AT&T can't offer what I want on the wired side, I'll be moving my wireless service as well. AT&T is run by a bean counter so what else can you do but take your money elsewhere.

Independence, OH
guess I'm the lucky one because Uverse is available where I live ( I don't use it Cox offers 50 mp/s for less I would be paying for Uverse)


Birmingham, AL
reply to rdbecker
I would stick with AT&T simply because I have Charter for TV and they have very poor customer service. I've also gone through 2 set top boxes in a 1 month period because they "refurbish" their equipment and loan it back out, except most of the time "refurbishing" means wiping the dust off of it and not actually doing anything technical.

I have DSL with AT&T and it seems more than fast enough for what I need(Xbox Live, Youtube, etc.). My upload speed could probably be better, but it's good enough. AT&T has been trying to get me to go for a U-verse TV/Internet bundle but I haven't gone for it yet. They've supposedly been saying for a while that they are going to implement a 150GB data cap for DSL users and 250GB for U-verse internet users. So far they haven't done it, but I'd like to see just how much data I use(which I can't view right now on their website) before I get locked into a U-verse contract.


San Jose, CA
reply to rdbecker
Why not simply try? You can always go back if you don't like Charter. I think you don't even need to buy cable modem, Charter will be loaning it to you and include it in its monthly plans. There was an article in DSLR about charter requiring now to get rental modems but not charging an extra, I think but Im not sure.

You haven't mention what speed you have. If you have 5-6mb, youre probably ok to stay, but if you only have 1.5, you should upgrade. You'll like faster speed.

Festus, MO
reply to rdbecker
I also was a long time customer of ATT and had exactly the same concerns as you. I changed to Charter about a year ago. I could not be happier with the service.

Yes, Charter has horrible customer service IF and ONLY IF you rely on the telephone. Their CSRs here in the Charter Direct forum are outstanding. I even received a reply to question within three hours - on a Saturday!

Though the pricing has increased a bit, grab one of the promos and don't look back. You'll have many times the stability and speed of your existing DSL. And you even get a mail server that doesn't ask for your credentials every couple of days or so.

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reply to rdbecker
AT&T will never tell you if they will roll out U-Verse to your area. Plus as someone else mentioned, U-Verse roll outs have stopped.

If you are waiting on U-Verse, be prepared to wait a very long time.


Elgin, TX
reply to rdbecker
I have been with AT&T for many years. I feel like they have dropped the ball for me. They are raising pricing and not improving technology. I am getting ready to dump my DSL, phone and AT&T. I think AT&T is making too much money on cell phones and doesn’t really care about LAN based networking any more.