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Antioch, TN
reply to rmdir

Re: Speed increase for businss starter - northeast

said by rmdir:

I was thinking about dumping my business class account and going with a home account anyway (have business installed at home due to no monthly caps.) Just one more reason to leave them.

I've thought about that too. Unfortunately they picked my market for the 'same cap for all speeds no matter how much you pay per month' rather than the 'sliding cap depending on amount paid and speed'. 500GB like the 105Mbps tier gives some people in some test markets - no problem staying under that. 300GB might be harder - I honestly don't know how much I use since the business accounts don't show a usage meter and my router doesn't have it built in.

Plus, I don't see how they can say 'no price increase in 4 years', just last year my monthly went from $59.95 to $66.95 when they decided modem rental that had always been part of the built in price would be a separate additional fee. That's the definition of a price increase.


Chicago, IL
My usage is borderline with the 250GB cap for the most part. I've gone way over a few time, like to 675 or so. But there are a couple of areas of concern-the accuracy of the bandwidth meter in my Tomato router, which all traffic passes through, and then how accurate their meter would be if I go with capped service.