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Philadelphia, PA

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Triple play Philadelphia pricing & questions

Have comcast tv ( preferred package, 2 hd boxes, no pay channels like hbo or anything ) for a while now. Been using the most basic verizon phone & 7mbs DSL. Currently around $183 a month ( taxed included ) for all 3. ( 112 for cable tv + 70 for DSL / phone )

Like everyone else I am looking to get the best bang for my buck here. So I am thinking of switching to double play or triple play. I got some questions.

HD Preferred plus XF triple play is 129 first year, 159 second year. Says it includes HBO, showtime ( 3 months free ), Blast internet ( 50mbps i assume ) streampix?.

What I am wondering is
1. Can I cancel showtime after the free months are up without it affecting my bill?
2. Is HBO included in that initial pricing or is it one of those after a few months the price of HBO kicks in and adds additional $$
3. wth is streampix?
4. For those in the 2nd year of their contract, what is your final bill looking like ( taxes included if in the philadelphia area )

Now I am also looking at double play. Since my phone i am paying the least possible on it thru verizon ( $26 taxes included ). Sadly from the website I can't seem to find a TV+Net bundle with Blast ( 50mbps ) If there is one can someone let me know.

Overall I am trying to get my current bill ( $183 ) lower which maximizing my internet and tv.

PS - Does comcast provide a basic modem or would I have to go out and buy a docsis 3.0 modem and buy a wireless router too.

Quakertown, PA
In the philadelphia area dont use the web site. You will get a much better deal by calling on the phone. i just upgraded and was able to get digital preferred with hsi for 74 dollars a month. If your coming from dsl you wont be needing blast. Although blast is only 10 dollars a month more.
Streampix is comcasts version of netflix. i got free hbo, starz, and showtime. But iwll be canceling them when the free part expires which is 6 months for hbo and three months for starz and showtime. the official pricing i got showed as 49 for digital prefferred and 24.95 for internet for one year.


Philadelphia, PA
reply to bunions
Be very very careful here before changing any service , twice we have been contacted by Comcast , promised a certain deal , and then been charged much , much more.. They even promised us a free upgrade to the 105 Tier.. I would get any "deal" in writing before making any swaps , this is our policy now , if they are not wiling to send it in writing then we wont change.. The Philly market seems to be very bad for this as many of our neighbors have had similar things done to them..

Ridley Park, PA

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reply to bunions
I've not heard about many problems with getting the service promised by Comcast. Various other problems - service calls, equipment issues, etc. - but not with getting the services you order. I'm with Comcast since they entered the market in the Phila. area in 1999.

Can't hurt to take the deal if it looks good, make sure it is all on your service order - either place an order at a local office or record the call if by phone (with proper notification of course). If they don’t deliver then cancel.


Newtown, PA
I've been treated pretty well in terms of pricing. When each promotion price is over, I call and ask for another deal. This has worked because I am in a FIOS area, so competition drives the deal. I have been on one promotion or another for years now.

I have triple play/blast with HBO and STARZ, two DVRs and a DTA (a basic box- gets all non-premium channels, no guide). My monthly cost (before taxes and fees) is $148.24 (includes required $7.00/month modem rental).

Blast, in my area, is 50/10. Honestly, you can easily get by with Performance (16/4 or 16/2, plus power boost). I upgraded to Blast mainly to get a better modem, and it is a good deal at only $10/month more, but I had no problems with the Performance tier streaming VUDU HD on my TV while also streaming Pandora to my PC and surfing on wifi all at the same time.