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Meteor Dive
Silver Spring, MD

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reply to jut22

Re: Verizon DSL speed drop. Can someone review my line?

It could but you can only derive so much with the small sample data we have here. Although interestingly enough the sync rate of your upstream did in fact bump a bit higher, so there's definitely good bit of handshaking going on when your modem is re-synching. A stable line generally will show little to no fluctuation in the sync rate. Rest of the values still suggest some signal loss through the medium.

As suggested earlier, you're best bet to confirm that your home isn't playing tricks against you would be to connect your modem to an NID and get a fresh new reading if you're able to.

For the moment just keep on monitoring your stats. You can try also power cycle the modem once during morning and again during the evening hours and see if there happens to be a sudden improvement (or a lack of it).

It's never a bad idea to keep a track record of your line's behavior.

At the very least you have tech to come out Monday to have a look.
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Taneytown, MD
reply to jut22

said by jut22:

*I don't have a laptop or phone cord long enough to attach it to the box on the outside of my house.

Surge/power strip on a long extension cord would do it, but without some portable computer it doesn't do you any good as you can't connect to the modem outside the house to pull stats. Unless you have 50/100 feet of cat5 laying around like I do. Or maybe a friend with a laptop?

Otherwise it will be up to the tech who comes out to try and check the line.