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reply to dongato17

Re: Customer repeater!

said by dongato17:

What generally is taking the most time to get the "creative installs" done? Is it just that the physical installations are more challenging? Is there anything you can think of that would make this easier/faster?


Its usually the amount of time you spend trying to work out a plan.

Usually when I pull up to a house, I jump up on the roof and if i can see the transmitter, then i can start the install.

For a creative install i have to walk about for an hour and waste time trying to find sources of power, and checking line of sight from various different positions. Then you gotta quote them for the install so they then say "I'll ask my wife and let you know tomorrow"
So i also just wasted 45 minutes driving out there and 45 minutes driving back.

So 2-3 hours just to do a quote.

Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA
why not do a path calc based on their GPS coord before you even go out, to know within 80-90% if you can hit it based on hills etc.

I have used Google Earth and Ligowaves free apps to do it with very good success rate. Granted its not going to show you if a building is blocking or trees ( google earth you can see the trees but really dont know how tall) but if there are other imoveable objects like mountains in the way then you dont have to waste your time.

Even then if you want you can play around with locations in and around their property with ligowave and GPS coordinates to see if you can come up with an alternative to see your AP.

Then if it looks like it you can, then go out and look for power etc..

Beats the long drive and gas wasted at least at this point its only your time you are using up..
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Atlanta, GA
Are any of you doing solar for power for these sorts of repeaters?
Harold Bledsoe