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North York, ON
reply to NightMayor

Re: TekSavvy - glorified reseller, not ISP

said by NightMayor:

1) Remember the 90-9-1 rule where 90% lurk, 9% make an account and probably make a few posts, and 1% actually come here regularly. Not everyone comes here regularly or even knows about the site so 99% is extremely optimistic; when you count threads you have to take account into this. It's almost like how not everyone writes a pen and paper letter to their MP, they know a couple of people wrote but they have to weigh in the fact that not everyone takes the time to do so.

2) Well no one deserves to have to go through months of disconnects and slowdowns as well either. And if OP complained countless of times he at least deserves some sort of reimbursement or some other options for the time wasted complaining and for the spotty internet. It's like when you get really cold food at a restaurant but they can't warm it up, some if not most people would not want to pay for said meal or would want something a lot better.

3) I do notice they are doing a better job at reporting bad areas, so when you enter your address in the website it'll list the available services. The point is if you know a specific location, not just the POI area, you need to acknowledge and communicate that there may be some problems and notify your customers in said area. Regardless if it is a small percentage, they need to know, Teksavvy definitely has contact info. I know many people around my intersection that would've benefited from this. I bet if there was better up-to-date communication at the very least, OP wouldn't have been this upset. Also, you know something needs to change when you're waiting on the phone for hours.

That said, I don't agree with OP's "you get what you pay for" statement because I think we all know these are the reasonable prices for each plan and we shouldn't have to get used to anything higher in terms of price; $62 for 120GB is definitely unreasonable. But you still have to admit after all OP and others have gone through, it f*@king sucks.

I agree it sucks for the OP. What I don't understand is that need to come online and slander about TSI.

A lot stuff he said is false or unreasonable. Every week or so, some individual comes on the board to vent about their experience. It's quite sad. That 1% who are regulars here have to see non-sense threads like these.

If you want to write a review, there's a review section.

If you don't like your service, then go somewhere else. The OP said TSI is the worst ISP ever yet he does nothing about it but complain. If you like rogers, go back to rogers! there's no contracts! no one is stopping you but yourself.

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said by xdrag:

What I don't understand is that need to come online and slander about TSI.

It appears you do not know what slander is.


Powassan, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
·Bell Sympatico

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reply to xdrag

Remember how Bell lied for years about throttling 3rd party customers? They refused to say they did it, until it was proven.

Feel free to pass me a tin foil hat, but I do wonder if there is an element of deliberate f*****g with 3rd party connections.

Nobody at TSI could say it without fear of action from Bhell's vultures if they had suspicions I'm sure - but I wonder if in 2 years time we'll find out what those perfidious little sods where up to...?

EDIT: Deleted first line of the post. Re-read it, and thought better of it. 9.14am


York, ON
reply to xdrag

Yes, I know it sucks to see threads like this, but everyone has every right to be heard especially if service/support isn't decent.

Also, just because some people are on here frequently and have good service doesn't mean that they have to keep restating something like, "LOL shitty service? Then GTFO." We get it, you have your internet, but you can't logically say this every time. People leave Rogers/switch to Teksavvy for all sorts of reasons, you don't know if it's possible for these people to even switch back due to budget, and etc..

Also, problems need to be heard in many ways if you're not getting the support you need. When you call a company and it ends up in a call center and you're still unsatisfied, that call needs to be escalated somehow. And like I said, Teksavvy has to work on their communications. It's tough to wait on the line just to be simply told that the ticket is still there waiting; when it's been going on for an extended period, people have every right to be angry.

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